Women's Bat Mitzvah

“Women’s learning is a “spiritual” meal in every sense of the word.  Led by Rabbi Janet, whose knowledge and love of Judaism is almost palpable, we are taken on a journey  that can encompass aspects of Torah, Mishnah and other religions, whilst encouraging debate and input  of our own experiences and views.  A true exploration of our rich heritage and culture.”- a member.

We are very fortunate to welcome back Rabbi Janet Burden to run Women’s Bat Mitzvah classes monthly on Mondays.

Rabbi Janet will lead explorations of a broad range of subjects, including Jewish beliefs, ethics, liturgy, holidays and life cycle events, all from the special perspective of Jewish women. Participants will be encouraged to discuss, debate and share life experiences, ideas and perspectives in these sessions as they gain knowledge, confidence and further insights into Judaism. This is also a valuable opportunity to connect to others on a similar journey.

Members of the group may decide to work towards a Bat Mitzvah ceremony, although we welcome attendees who would simply wish to explore the possibilities, meet others in a similar position or simply to learn with Rabbi Janet.

Please get in touch for further information at education@westminstersynagogue.org

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