Tots Shabbat (Saturdays) and Baby Cafe (Fridays)

As I marched around the North Basement Room with Inca, Max, Noah and Alexander, singing Bim Bom and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I realised that our regular Shabbat get-togethers really are a unique and magical affair!  Whether we are telling stories, making conker chains for the Sukkah or singing songs, there is always something new and exciting to be learned from a group of mums getting together with their little ones to share experiences."  Jules Oakshett

Tots Shabbat provides our youngest members with the opportunity to join us once a month on a Saturday morning. We sing songs, do craft activities, listen to stories and spend a lovely Shabbat morning together. These sessions are for all of our little ones up to age 3 and usually take place on the first Saturday of every month from 10:30-12:00pm. 

Baby Cafe also provides a warm Jewish communal space for parents to meet and children to play in the Synagogue - but it takes place on a Friday morning on most months.

Our facilitators for these sessions are musicians who work wonderfully with babies and toddlers, mums and dads! 


Over the coming year, Tots Shabbat will be held on:

Saturday 3rd November - 10:30am

Saturday 8th December - 10:30am - Chanukah

Saturday 19th January - 10:30am - Tu B'Shevat

Wednesday 20th March - 10:30am - Purim 

Saturday 11th May- 10:30am

Saturday 8th June - 10:30am


Baby Cafe will be held on: 

Friday 12th October - 10:30am

Friday 9th November - 10:30am

Friday 1st February - 10:30am

Friday 1st March - 10:30am

Friday 26th April - 10:30am

Friday 28th June - 10:30am


For more information contact Nick Young at the Synagogue office


  1. Pastoral Care and Safeguarding of Children at Westminster Synagogue
  2. Safeguarding Statement
  3. Westminster Synagogue Policies relating to our Education Programmes