Torah in the City

We say the Hebrew Bible is our most sacred text, that we can live our lives in relation to it, yet often we never get beyond the simple, and even absurd, treatment of Bible stories and passages that puzzled us at religion school. 

In our Torah in the City sessions we do Torah for grown up, exploring the sophisticated style and seeming contradictions of the Torah, reading closely, teasing out questions, exploring ancient answers, and ultimately considering lessons for our lives. 

The session will run from 8.30-9.20am and includes tea, coffee and refreshments. We meet in the city, once a month, so that you can bring our lively discussion straight into the complications of your working day, to help you navigate your week- and you don’t even need to shlep into shul.

Upcoming sessions are on:
Wednesday 23rd January
Wednesday 27th February
Wednesday 20th March

If you would like to attend these Torah in the City sessions, please let Nick know and he will share details about future locations. 


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