Prayer is our humble answer to the inconceivable surprise of living” Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Westminster Synagogue’s distinctive worship tradition reflects the historic development of Reform Jewish liturgy blended with contemporary influences from many different sources. Our services are known for their poetic beauty, quiet dignity and the high standards of our musical programme. The Sabbath prayer book that we use is unique to the Westminster Synagogue community. Prayers are read in both Hebrew and English. A Sabbath morning booklet including transliterated Hebrew prayers is also available for those who wish to participate fully in the service but whose Hebrew is limited. The community sits together - men, women and children - and men and women participate as equals in the service.  Men are asked to cover their head in the Sanctuary and to wear a tallit when performing any mitzvah (e.g. opening the Ark, blessings, dressing the scroll, reading, etc.).


Mitzvot Videos

Members or friends of the community who would like instruction on Westminster minhag in performing mitzvot may wish to watch videos of these performed by our Rabbi and Wardens, please see below.

The videos of mitzvot being performed at Westminster Synagogue are for the benefit of its members and friends who will be participating in our services. To view the videos, please click on the links below; or if you are experiencing problems, please contact the Synagogue Secretary who will give you the necessary password.

Introduction from Rabbi Salamon:

Opening the Ark:

Undressing the Scroll:


Dressing the scroll:

High Holy Day Ark opening