Reflections on Poland

“It is hard to explain the feelings but so easy to recognise them, words won’t do justice to the arc of emotions I experienced. I learned so much about the history, evolution and perseverance of the hearts and minds of Jews in Poland and Eastern Europe.  Sharing Friday night dinner at the JCC with 70 community members, learning Torah from a Holocaust survivor and hearing the cries of new babies reminded me of the strength, joy and future to be found in creating and sustaining community relationships and life. Venetia

"Words can’t do justice to the range of emotions on this trip but I will try. Horror at man’s capacity to inflict suffering on fellow human beings, insight from understanding the Polish people’s experiences over a thousand years which were so closely bound with my own ancestors’ history, hope seeing young Israelis draped in the Israeli flag walking over the railway tracks at Birkenau and singing with loud and clear voices at the memorial, a sense of community and joy sharing Friday night with the thriving Jewish community in Krakow, humility listening to our amazing guides who have a deep knowledge and respect for our Jewish heritage even though they are not Jewish. And love and support shared with my wonderful travelling companions."  Julia