Our music

“Sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the Lord all the earth.  Sing unto the Lord, Bless his Name.” (Psalm 96)

Music is an important part of maintaining a dynamic and active service. At Westminster Synagogue, the service singing is led by both trained singers and the Rabbi, and the congregation is encouraged to participate in singing familiar tunes, which are a mixture of classical, Israeli and modern Jewish tunes. High Holy Day music and singing is inspired and moving and a key part of our worship.

The Rites and Practices Committee, together with the Rabbi and a panel of organists are always searching for new, inspiring music to enhance our all-inclusive service. We are blessed with a Rabbi with a beautiful voice. As one member recently wrote:

“My heart was so full last night, Thomas, after my father's yahrzeit. Your voice could change the course of civilisation. You bring thousands of years of our history as a people into your voice and it moves me as nothing else has ever done. Thank you.”

Family services include some more modern tunes and are often accompanied by a guitar.

Singer-composer Judith Silver leads the singing in our monthly Friday evening service, Or Shira, where participation and learning new tunes is facilitated.