Lifelong Learning

"On three pillars the world stands: on Torah, Worship and Kind Deeds." (Pirkei Avot 1:2) 

Click here to download our 2017-2018 Education Calendar

At Westminster Synagogue, education is a central pillar of our community and we pride ourselves on being a centre of lifelong learning and providing a broad range of learning and enrichment opportunities to all of our members, from the youngest to the not so young.  Click on the links to find out more about the different strands of our educational provision and by all means get in touch if you have questions or to make suggestions as to other courses or learning opportunities you might be interested in.
  • Or Shabbat - more than a weekly religion school, this is a hub for our young families which takes place in our suite of classrooms on shabbat mornings. Classes are provided for children aged 3-11 after which they join our B’nei Mitzvah Programme.
  • B’nei Mitzvah Programme - this is our concentrated, innovative two-year programme to prepare Jewish children to fully take on their responsibilities as Jewish adults, which runs on Friday late afternoons.
  • GCSE Jewish Studies - a two year course offered to 13-16 year olds as a way to extend their learning.
  • Teens Activities - we offer a range of opportunities for our teenagers to remain active and involved in our community and in touch with their friends.
  • Or Chadash - our vibrant educational programme for converts to Judaism.
  • Torah Breakfasts - a termly programme of shiurim or study sessions led by the Rabbi on the weekly Torah portion.
  • Adult learning - we offer a range of other cultural events at the synagogue from lectures to ‘in conversation’ events, to film screenings. 
  • Interfaith Hebrew - we are proud to offer Hebrew classes for our guests from other faith communities
  •  Hebrew learning - join our specialist teachers for weekly Hebrew lessons including ulpan courses for Begninner and Intermediate students and prayer book Hebrew.