Kiddush is a simple word which means so much. Our community celebrates Kiddush after every shabbat service and festival. We also celebrate Kiddush after joyous occasions such as baby blessings, bar and bat mitzvah services and Aufruf (when a bride and groom are called to the Torah the week before their wedding day). 

The younger Or Shabbat Community celebrates Kiddush together at 12.15pm and parents are invited to celebrate together with their children.

Community Kiddush follows both evening and morning shabbat services and are held either on the ground floor or in the northern part of the sanctuary depending on numbers attending service. There is always food and juice for young children at the main Kiddush. Community members are asked to prepare Kiddush once a year.  New members are partnered with more experienced members of the community for their first Kiddush. Our caretaking staff are always on hand to help.  

For more information about regular Kiddush on shabbat mornings or for information on How To Host a Kiddush to celebrate a family occasion, click on one of the items below or contact the Synagogue office at

For more information, please download our Kiddush 'How to' leaflet here.

What is a Kiddush?

Hosted Kiddush