Hebrew Learning

The Hebrew language is the language of the Torah, as well as the language of our prayers and also the spoken language in the State of Israel. As Hebrew is such a seam through our history and culture, we provide many ways of learning the language.

Our Hebrew groups do their best to accommodate all levels and we are proud that our students tell us that they are characterised by being welcoming and friendly.


Prayer Book Hebrew (focus on reading the Alef-Bet and the prayers)

  • Beginners, 9.30-10.20am on Saturdays with Ilana
  • Intermediates (those already reading), 10.30-11.20 on Saturdays with Ilana
  • The classes use the ‘Zman Likro’ textbooks.
  • No charge for members or those "attached" to members, but for others the charge is £80 per term. There’s no formal commitment, so sometimes members join, and people drop in and drop out.
  • There is no need to register- but you need to be in touch with Nick Young (Head of Education), Rabbi Benji or a member of our professional staff in order to join one of our groups.


Modern Conversational Hebrew Ulpan (in association with the WZO)

  • Beginners 8-10pm on Thursdays with Shai Grosskopf.  
  • Intermediates, 6-8pm on Thursdays with Shai,  
  • Various texts are used and combined. Shai recommends 'Ivrit mi a’hatchallah' (Hebrew from Scratch)
  • Students must commit for the remainder of the course (ie this term)
  • The charge is £240 for members and £280 for non-members for the full 30 week course, although this would be reduced pro rata as we go through the year.
  • Prices are low because of 50% sponsorship from the WZO
  • Access to the class at this later stage dependent on approval from the teacher based on whether the level will fit in with the current class members
  • We plan to start brand new classes, plus hopefully an advanced class in Autumn 2018!
  • To express interest, contact nick@westminstersynagogue.org


Online Hebrew learning 

  • This is a course of 11 tutorial videos through which students of all ages learn to read the Alef Bet.
  • A tried and tested methodology based on learning Hebrew letters as pictograms that we have seen works for children and adults.
  • We've had students conquer reading in a month, while for others it really hasn't floated their boat.
  • The website is here: http://rosenwasser.co.uk/
  • We invite students to take the free trial lesson, and then if they like it they can let us know and we can help them to purchase a 3 month license for £20 (which is a discounted rate for our Synagogue).
  • This is a considerably more economical way of learning Hebrew than sitting down with a tutor.


As with all of our activities, we would never want financial reasons to be a barrier to participating in learning. Please speak to Nick Young in strictest confidence if financial concerns are stopping you from accessing one of our courses.

For more information on any of these classes, please contact Nick Young at the Synagogue office nick@westminstersynagogue.org.