"Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like a flower and withers; and like a shadow flees and does not remain." Job 14:1-2

The mitzvah of leviyat hamet, burying the dead, is considered one of the greatest in Judaism in that it is an act that cannot be repaid by the deceased.

Westminster Synagogue’s Rabbi officiates at both burials and cremations. The Synagogue will help you through these difficult times by providing practical and spiritual support. In the event of a death in your family, contact the Synagogue office and Rabbi will be in contact with the bereaved as quickly as possible.

You may wish to arrange a Shiva service. At Westminster Synagogue, our tradition is to have one night of prayers, usually on the day of the funeral.  Evening prayers may also be held in our Synagogue Sanctuary, particularly if the funeral takes place on a Friday. All of these arrangements can be discussed with the Rabbi and guidance will be given.

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