Booking a Visit

Visit the Museum – 3rd Floor Kent House

Visitors to the Museum will find a graphic account of each chapter in the story of the Czech Scrolls; they will learn something of the history of the communities of Bohemia and Moravia to which they once belonged, of their acquisition from Prague and of the long process of repair and distribution.  Twice a year, Westminster Synagogue members are invited for a guided tour of the museum.  For dates of these events, please email the Synagogue Office at

 The Museum is open to the public by appointment only. To make enquiries, please contact the Memorial Scrolls Trust administrator by email at or tel:+44 (0)207 584 3741. Or for more information about the Czech Scrolls, visit the website at

Memorial Scrolls Trust Contacts:
Jeffrey Ohrenstein, Chair 
Sarah Derriey, Trustee
David Goldberg, Trustee
Shelley Laddie, Trustee
Susan Boyer, U S Director
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