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Learn Modern Hebrew in our adults evening class


Want to feel at home on your next visit to Tel Aviv? 

Sign up to Westminster Synagogue and WZO’s 30 week Ulpan course that will get you speaking Hebrew like an Israeli! Our two interactive Hebrew Ulpan classes are taught by experienced language teacher Shai Grosskopf. 

Classes are 2 hours incluiding break and refreshments with 30 classes over the course of the year. 

Whether you want to make Aliyah or just want to learn a new language, this class will bring Hebrew to life and help you converse with ease.

The course costs under £10 per session thanks to WZO sponsoring half of the course costs, making this an opportunity not to miss. At Westminster Synagogue we would never wish for members to be excluded from any activity for financial reasons. Please contact Nick Young in strictest confidence if you have concerns about payment. 

For more information, contact Nick Young.

Please note

As the course is significantly sponsored by the World Zionist Organisation (WZO), they require students who are enrolling to submit some personal information so that they know who is receiving their grants, and they can create and tailor, services, courses and study materials in accordance. 

The information required is; name, date of birth, address, phone number, occupation.

In order to ensure your place on the course, please click on this link to access a short survey to provide that information directly to the WZO. People who do not submit their information, may not be eligible to receive the grant, and would need to pay the full price for their course.

Please note that WZO complies with GDPR, which regulates the processing information related to individuals, and this information will be used only for internal purposes. Under no circumstances, will it be passed to a third party nor will you be sent any marketing material that is not related to Hebrew studies. Click here to read a statement from the WZO on data protection.

20th September, 2018 6:00 PM   through   8:00 PM
Course Price
Westminster Synagogue Members £ 240.00
MRJ/LJ Members £ 240.00
Non-Westminster Synagogue Members £ 280.00